Reviews of the Top Penny Stock Newsletters.

IMPORTANT! Beware of "Free" Penny Stock Sites

Too many people are sucked into the scam that most free penny stock sites and newsletters really are. Ask yourself how they could offer their services for free. They don't. They are paid. Paid by others (sometimes the executives at the company) who are SELLING when those sites are telling you to buy. Or, the people running the website already bought shares and sell as soon as they tell their readers to buy. Everyone buying this thinly traded stock will push the price higher - they sell and make a profit. You're left holding the bag. A bunch of shares now even lower than before and no hope of moving higher.

How will you know? Check their disclaimer or terms of service. They must disclose these payments somewhere on the site if they are based in the U.S. It can be hard to find - in small print in an hard to find page, but it will be there. Unless they are based outside the U.S. or just don't care if they are breaking the law. They're scamming you aren't they?

None of the companies in our survey are paid by anyone to pick their stocks and they do not own shares. They have no financial interest in the stocks, just an interest in keeping their readers happy. They work only for you.


Our Review Penny Stock Sites

Our research is finally complete! After several weeks, we have completed our review of penny stock picking sites. There is no reason to invest in penny stocks without some guidance. There are several penny stock research and newsletter sites that you can choose from to help make your decisions. Protect yourself by knowing who you are dealing with, and by knowing their track record.


Our Review Winner:    FalconStocks - The Best Performing Penny Stock Picks Newsletter.

They not only have the best record of all sites we reviewed, they are also slightly less expensive than the others. They do no advertise, so they can offer their services for a little less. Click here to read our review and find out how we made our decision.


Please note that once we told the companies about the survey and the results, the 2nd and 3rd place penny stock sites would not allow us to mention their names. Therefore, to comply with copyright regulations, we'll have to list them as "Competitor #1" and "Competitor #2".



What Are Penny Stocks?

When many people think of penny stocks, they think of some fly-by-night company with shares of stocks that trade for fractions of a penny. While there are companies out there like that, we concern ourselves with only upstanding companies. In this case, a "penny stock" is any company's stock that trades for less than $5.00 per share. Many of these stocks trade on NASDAQ, as well as the New York and American Stock Exchanges.  There are literally thousands of fine companies that have a share price under $5.00 per share. In fact, Microsoft was a $5.00 stock at one time! Click here to find out more about penny stocks and their investment value.


Penny Stock Risks

As with any stock, risks are a reality of investing. In many cases, these "penny stocks" do not have a long track record. In many cases they are still not yet profitable or are operating in a risky field such as bio-tech or new drug companies.


However, sites such as concentrate on these low-priced stocks that are in fact, growing. Many have excellent track records, many are very profitable. Many are in the midst of a turnaround. Click here to read more about these risk and how these sites can help increase your odds of success.


Penny Stock Bias?

Before you choose ANY source of investment information, make you that you check and see whether or not the source may be biased? What does that mean? Well, many sites tell you to buy a stock while they already own it and are selling. Many sources are paid to promote a company and its stock.


Click here to read more about these biased and how you can stay away.